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The XDL Street Jam is the newest and hottest motorcycle action sport demo to hit America. It features two top professional street freestyle riders, as well as one announcer, putting on a 30-minute program based on the popular XDL competitions (click here to learn more about XDL). XDL Street Jam is an amazing display of motorcycle skill and precision.

Created in November of 2012, XDL Street Jam has just finished its inaugural tour with the International Motorcycle Shows, performing in Atlanta, San Mateo, Long Beach, DC, New York, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Novi, Chicago, Indianapolis and Charlotte. With an average of 9 shows per 3-day weekend, XDL Street Jam reached a live audience of over 50,000. On top of that XDL Street Jam athletes performed in live televised promotions at many of the stops, with its largest audience coming as part of a national segment on Fox & Friends in NYC that was seen by more than 1.5m viewers in the U.S. alone.

A slideshow with images from many of the IMS engagements can be seen here.

XDL Street Jam has proven to be a hit with mainstream audiences because the shows incorporate a family-friendly vibe with cutting edge entertainment. The ability to control a motorcycle in extreme situations is something that resonates with audiences. In addition, the flexible footprint and relatively small space requirements make the XDL Street Jam easy to fit into existing venues and events. And XDL Street Jam has proven to be an excellent promotional tool for event promoters. We are able to put on amazing demonstrations, often involving TV personalities, in very small areas, with minimal preparation, on time, and very early in the morning. XDL Street Jam was a lynchpin in the IMS PR efforts, executing live or taped TV demonstrations and interviews in Long Beach, San Mateo, Minneapolis, New York, Chicago and Cleveland. Here is a sample that aired live on Fox & Friends.

Additional media appearances on live TV:
Long Beach – FOX
Minneapolis – CBS FOX
Chicago – NBC
Cleveland – FOX
Charlotte – FOX

Show Structure
XDL Street Jam can be a one-day or multi-day engagement. Typically, athletes perform three 30-minute shows per day, each followed by about a 15-minute autograph signing session. In a multi-day engagement this structure repeats itself and the number of daily shows can be adjusted to meet consumer demand. For example, at the International Motorcycle Shows, XDL Street Jam usually performed twice on Friday, four times on Saturday and 3 times on Sunday.

The content of a 30-minute show breaks down something like this:

1. 30 minutes prior to show, pre-announcements start.
2. Show opens with explanation of XDL and introduction of the athletes.
3. Athletes warm up audience with a segment called “The evolution of the wheelie.”
4. Announcer sets up the first “competition,” the K&N Circle Challenge and competition starts.
5. “Winner” gets on microphone to say a few words.
6. Announcer sets up the Yamaha Wheelie Race and competition starts.
7. “Winner” gets on microphone.
8. Announcer now either brings in scooter race for comic relief…
9. …or segues into the next competition, the Motul Drift Battle.
10. Second to last segment is a freestyle jam session in which athletes take turns wowing the crowd
11. Finale is a mock XDL Cup competition that is judged by audience members
12. As an encore the riders usually add 1-2 minutes of two-rider free styling, where they get dangerously close to each other.
13. Show ends and audience is invited to meet the athletes, take pictures and get autographs

Below is a video compiled at our Minneapolis stop that showcases this schedule and features some of the XDL personalities.

Show Elements

As part of an engagement, XDL Street Jam provides the following:

1. Two athletes from XDL’s top 15 national ranking
2. One announcer
3. A Yamaha sound system
4. Two 10 x 20 tents to create a pit area and interaction zone
5. Insurance ($1m base policy, +$4m optional)
6. Banners to dress up the venue
7. Social media support to promote engagements

Riding Area and Surface
XDL Street Jam generally performs in a rectangular-shaped area of approximately 50 feet in width and 150 feet in length. The preferred surface is asphalt. However, we have performed in areas of different shapes and on non-asphalt surfaces. We also offer an indoor program for convention centers and arenas that use polished concrete floors. In such facilities we can ride in areas as small as 40 feet wide by 100 feet long, although that is not recommended. And we have to treat the polished concrete floors to make them rideable. The treatment process usually takes an additional 6-8 hour application and curing period.

Safety is our primary concern and we encourage promoters to set up safe venues. Our experience has shown that water barriers provide the best protection. However, almost all of our shows are secured using what is called “bike fence” or “bike rack”. We recommend setting up an interior and exterior perimeter, and placing sections of bike fence perpendicular to the two perimeters for separation and security. And we recommend setting up trash barrels at specific intervals on the outside of the interior perimeter, and to fill those barrels with water. These measures provide a very high degree of protection at a very reasonable cost.

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