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LB Stunts Videos of 2011
Inside XDL Season 1 Trailer  Runtime (1:16) 
Go behind the scenes of the XDL Championship Series in our TV Show Inside XDL
2010 XDL Highlights Trailer  Runtime (3:49) This video is available in High Definition
This clip showcases some of the best riding from the 2010 season. You can see all the highlights on our DVD, which is available at http://www.xdlstore.com
Project Portapotty  Runtime (1:33) This video is available in High Definition
Princess Thomas has some special needs...Find out what else he is up to on Inside XDL, now available on DVD at http://www.xdlstore.com
Thomas and Tony  Runtime (2:49) This video is available in High Definition
At XDL Daytona in 2010 Thomas and Tony had a little disagreement about the Aprilia All Star Challenge. Things got a bit heated. Once again, our cameras were there to catch the action. See the whole episode on our DVD.
2010 Nashville Riders Meeting  Runtime (2:40) This video is available in High Definition
In 2010 at the Nashville riders meeting things got a bit heated...The Inside XDL cameras were there to catch all the drama. You can watch the full episode by purchasing our DVD at http://www.xdlstore.com
2011 XDL Daytona LocoX  Runtime (4:07) 
A video Recap and results from Round 1 at Daytona by Loco X
2011 XDL Scottsdale Icon  Runtime (3:19) This video is available in High Definition
2011 XDL Scottsdale recap focusing on the exploits of Nick, Ernie, Lin and Shin.
2011 XDL Scottsdale LocoX  Runtime (5:26) 
XDL Round 2 - Scottsdale event wrap up by LocoX.com

LB Stunts Videos of 2010
2010 XDL Havasu Trailer  Runtime (1:09) 
Highlights from the first XDL event in Havasu in 2009, edited into a trailer to promote the 2010 event.

LB Stunts Videos of 2009
2009 XDL LA Recap  Runtime (8:00)  This video is available in High Definition
Recap of the 2009 XDL LA competition at Irwindale Speedway.
2009 XDL Indy Sickest Trick  Runtime (1:18) 
Highlights from the 2009 XDL Indy Speed & Strength Sickest Trick competition.
2009 XDL Indy Highlights  Runtime (5:07)  This video is available in High Definition
Recap of the 2009 XDL Indy weekend.

LB Stunts Videos of 2008
2006 XDL Finals  Runtime (5:09) 
The 2006 XDL Finals marked the end of the first season. It was the beginning of a new action sport, but boy was it rough going. Looks great on film though.
Worst Wreck  Runtime (0:30)  This video is available in High Definition
The rider in the wreck is Icons Ernie Vigil. He walked away with a broken collar bone but was otherwise unhurt. Ernie is only happy when he is on the throttle and this is what happens when his aggressive style goes wrong.

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